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Construction Update

The next two weeks are full of steps that should really start to show progress on the tops of the streets.  Everything so far has been below ground for the most part, so it is sometimes hard to envision.  Again, I want to extend many thank yous to the businesses, residents, and visitors for your patience.  There is never a ‘good’ time to tear up your streets, but the improvement in water quality in town should really be worth it.  All information below is subject to change based on weather, component supply chains, etc.

Week of 9/27

  • Finish up connection on corner of Murray and Hwy 371
  •  Make connection on corner of Whipple and Hwy 371
  • Lanyk Electric finish setting new light pole bases
  • USA Company (main contractors) go across Hwy 371 (underground) to begin water main replacement that will happen from old Loons Unlimited down past Birchwood
  • Begin sidewalk and road grading on all streets so that….
  • Surveyors can stake the ground so that….
  • Knife Lake (company) can set string lines so that….
  • They can pour curb concrete starting….

Week of 10/4

  • Start pouring curb concrete
  • Backfill that curb to prepare for sidewalk concrete to be poured
  • Anderson Brothers possibly begin laying down blacktop
  • Knife Lake possibly pouring sidewalk
  • USA Company continuing water main replacement on East side of Hwy 371

Water Tower Update:

The water tower is close to paint completions for the main color.  That will finish this week.  There are still a few internal things to fix/install.  The logos should start appearing this week or next.  When all the painting is done and dried, then the tower can be filled and used again.  About 2 weeks of work left give or take.