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HWY 371 Project moved to 2025

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About the study

Hwy 371 construction will take place in 2025

Hwy 371 in Hackensack is planned for construction in 2025.

You can visit the About page to learn more about the study process and view renderings of what the new corridor will look like.

Study details

In 2019 MnDOT began an in-depth study with local stakeholders of Highway 371 in Hackensack to better understand the current and future transportation needs of the region. The study focused on improving safety for motorists, residents and visitors along the corridor between County Road 5 and County Road 40. In collaboration with stakeholder input the project will focus on:

  • Resurfacing Highway 371 in Hackensack between Cass County Road 5 and County Road 40
  • Reconfigure the urban portion to a 3-lane section (adding a center turn lane) with parallel parking on both sides
  • Construct 6-foot sidewalks with curb and gutter on each side throughout the downtown area
  • Reconstruct the CR 5 intersection with a roundabout
map of highway 371 project limits

The corridor improvement vision on Highway 371 in Hackensack includes a roundabout at County Road 5

Need for project

  • Improve the safety of Highway 371 for residents, businesses, motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Improve the safety of the County Road 5 intersection
  • Effectively reduce motorist speeds
  • Improve sidewalk and pedestrian facilities
  • Improve underground utilities and drainage


MnDOT and its partners have committed to work with the Hackensack community to ensure that the community’s concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the alternatives developed as part of the Highway 371 Study and to provide feedback on how the community influenced recommendations and decisions.